Givey – social media donations made easy

I’m delighted that Givey, an initiative we’ve been supporting since the last PayPal Charityhack in September, is launching tomorrow at a Big Society Network event.

The conversion of followers and fans into active supporters and donors remains a challenge for charities using social media. Tweeters and Facebook users may be happy to post supportive replies on social media platforms, but may not be ready to visit the charity’s website and filling in a donation form.

Givey blurs the boundaries between the two, by allowing users to link their social media accounts and PayPal accounts, so that they can send a donation simply by posting a message. My example Tweet instantly sent £5 via MissionFish to Rainbow Trust.

What’s more, each donation can include Gift Aid (just add it during registration), which means Givey might make a dent in the estimated £750 million of Gift Aid that goes unclaimed each year. Since the donations are made to MissionFish and regranted to the relevant charity, the donor only needs a single Gift Aid declaration.

Tomorrow, David Erasmus, identified as a leading online social entrepreneur by the Big Society Network, will make a presentation and invite Nick Hurd to make a live donation on the platform – let’s hope his account is in order…

David Erasmus, CEO, says:

“Social Media has had a huge impact on the way charities communicate and engage with supporters. Givey allows those followers to become donors whilst they spread the word about the charities they love, and allows the opportunity to make an instant financial response to a campaign or appeal. Making a donation is literally as simple as sending a Tweet or a Text.”

9 charities are registered to benefit from Givey on launch day, including British Red Cross, RNLI and The Rainbow Children’s Trust, but all registered charities are able to sign up providing they are part of the MissionFish UK database, which also powers eBay for Charity.

If your charity is already registered with MissionFish, contact Givey via and sign up. If not, register first at

If you want to sign up for donations, register at

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